My name is Lauren Bernick and I am the founder of My Journey began in February of 2015. I sat in a cardiologist’s office crying my eyes out. He told me that I had a 20% chance of having a heart attack within the next ten years. I had a family history, my cholesterol was 288 and I had some calcifications in my arteries. He told me the only thing I could do was eat healthy (which I thought I was), exercise (check) and take a statin to lower my cholesterol (nope).

I told the doctor I didn’t want to take a statin; I preferred to get to the root of the problem and reverse the disease. He shook his head and told me I should eat healthy oils, chicken, fish, avocados, nuts, and vegetables and take the medicine. I looked at him and said, "That is exactly what I eat now, so how can that be the solution?" He seemed perplexed. I left his office feeling betrayed, scared and confused. 


The answer to my problem came a day later when my father told me about Dr. Esselstyn’s book, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  I was encouraged by the fact that it has 30 years of proven results to its credit.


The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease program is a plant-based diet consisting of no meat, dairy, eggs or fish (basically nothing with a face or a mother as they say) and no nuts, oils or avocado. It is a very low-fat diet and it is the direct opposite of what my cardiologist recommended to me.


As stated, I was already eating “healthy fats” as the cardiologist instructed and it was getting me nowhere. Dr. Esselstyn, a general surgeon, believes the epidemic of so-called "healthy fats" is contributing to heart disease. I was confused at first but, I felt I had nothing left to lose. So I jumped in full force.


I worked the program. To be honest, it has been difficult at times. It requires planning ahead and schlepping food everywhere I go. I have to take my own dinner when I go to book club. I have to call ahead to restaurants to see if they can make me something appropriate and sometimes I even have to bring my own food to a restaurant. But, so what? I did it. I really have begun to reverse a very nasty disease by eating a low-fat, plant-based diet. I have dropped my cholesterol 110 points without medication, lost nearly 20 pounds and I feel fantastic. You can do it too!





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No one can become a well-balanced herbivore on their own...we need the support of our "herd."

Lauren Bernick is a former stand-up comic and was a semi-finalist in Roseanne Barr's Funniest Mom in America contest. Her talks are uplifting, informative and of course, funny.


"Lauren presented “Eating on the Go” to our plant-based community, ATX Alive. Her presentation was not only informative but also very entertaining. Our audience of 80 was fully engaged throughout her entire presentation and we received excellent feedback. Everyone that day left with practical tools on how to eat healthy in the most challenging situations. I highly recommend Lauren as a health and wellness speaker!"

Patty F., Austin, TX