The Basics:

Parchment paper

Organic brown rice (can buy in bulk at Costco)

Seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower) must be RAW (no nuts if you have heart disease, use seeds sparingly)


Organic unsweetened applesauce in individual cups

Pasta – Ancient Grains

Crackers –  rice, Engine 2, or Mary’s Gone Crackers

Cereal ( I like Ezekiel), steel cut oats and old-fashioned oats (organic)

Organic potatoes and/or sweet potatoes


Go crazy on fruits and vegetables (organic if possible, see dirty dozen and clean fifteen)


The Following Items Are Readily Available at Whole Foods or Online


Bulk Section:

Nutritional yeast

Garbanzo bean flour a.k.a. chickpea flour

Black beans and other beans

Lentils (organic)


Regular Aisles:

Fat-free marinara

Fat-free refried beans (make sure it says non-BPA lining if possible. BPA is a chemical found in many canned goods)

Organic canned beans (make sure it says non-BPA lining if possible)


Cold Case:

Upton Naturals (do not buy other brands they are high in fat) “meat” substitutes 

Engine 2 hummus (at Whole Foods, but not all of them, ask to special order)

Hummus made without oil can be found in certain cities, read the label.

Organic corn tortillas (these are frozen, stock up, they are going to be baked into tortilla chips)


Milk Substitute:

Pacific brand Oat milk, original flavor
(you can choose another milk substitute, but this one
does not have a lot of fat and it does not contain carrageenan;
a known gut disruptor)

*No nut or coconut milks if you have heart disease, these are too high in fat



Engine 2 burgers

Ezekiel bread

Sprouted bagels

Organic frozen vegetables